Friday, October 19, 2007

James is Watching Over You, Little Fishies

James in now the patron saint of microscopic fishies. Jeff and his work pal, Sal, have been getting into a little fish farming in addition to their normal engineering duties. They have managed to breed a couple batches of fish, and kill off an undetermined number of them. Maybe they felt like they were being watched too closely, but that's only a guess. To give the tank a little flair, they have added a picture of James to entertain the fish. Sal also added a nice touch with the rocks: notice the parting of the Red Sea? There was also a bubbling Champagne glass in there but it was removed due to some technical difficulties. So now you know what engineers do for fun! And if you are wondering where the fish are...they are there...right by James' forehead. They are VERY small!

1 comment:

Sal said...

Please note that under James' watch, no fish have perished. He feeds them poison berries!