Friday, October 05, 2007

Siblings (I can actually say that!)

So James and Katie are siblings. Weird that I can claim that I am the mother of siblings. It still hasn't quite sunk in that I have TWO. Its amazing to watch how James has taken to her. I think they already have their own language together, or at least James does. He gets right into her face and says quietly, "Hi!" He gives her more impromptu kisses than Jeff or I ever get. He talks to her when she is crying. If she spits up, he finds something to wipe it up with. A couple days ago, he had just gotten out of the bath and was wrapped up in a towel. He saw that Katie had spit up and used the corner of his towel to wipe her chin. James also grabs Katie's hand to wave "hi". He thinks that all those flailing baby movements are her wanting to wave hello. James does have his moments when he doesn't quite understand what gentle really means. He is a two year old boy after all. He already laughs hysterically any time Katie burps, hiccups, or makes other noises if you know what I mean. Kids obviously don't have to be programmed to think that stuff is funny. I'm sure it won't be long before they are plotting together, 'hiding' under the covers from us and giggling loudly all the while. That'll be fun!

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Jules said...

It's great that James loves Katie so much. I hope Jacob does that well when we decide to have number 2! I love the new blog name too. Great story behind it.