Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Mad Scientists and Their Ill-fated Experiments

Jeff and James have been up to some strange business. Here are three of their experiments, in no particular order:

Experiment #1: Sneak into bathroom and experiment with a roll of toilet paper and lots of water. Conclusion: Toilet paper makes a mess when wet and sticks to all your fingers.

Experiment #2: Slop a dollop of mashed butternut squash on Mom's plate from a foot or two above the plate. Conclusion: Not a good idea. Squash uses the plate as a springing board and flies onto Mommy's shirt, the table, the door and the wall.

Experiment #3: Jump up and down on the bed in an energetic frenzy. Take a flying leap onto Mom's carefully organized piles of recipes. Roll around on said recipes. Repeat.
Conclusion: Jumping on recipes is fun, like jumping into a pile of leaves. It doesn't, however, do anything for the organization of the recipes.

Can you guess who did what? James was responsible for #1 & 3. Jeff can take credit for flinging squash everywhere. And who cleans up these messes??? Hmmm....

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mcwiggins said...

Well, behind every Dr. Frankenstein is an Igor to clean up, right?