Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Night at the Roxbury

It was nine years ago today that Jeff paid good money to take me to see one of the world’s most pointless movies, ‘A Night at the Roxbury.’ It was our first date, a blind date I might add, and he even bought me popcorn and a Coke. We were livin’ it up back then. I am not a fan of popcorn, in fact back then I HATED it. But, I ate it. Seriously, here was a guy who was sweet enough to take me to my seat and then go back and get me popcorn and a Coke. So I politely ate the whole bag of it, and didn’t tell him for years that I hated popcorn. We sat through the movie, despite its dumbness. He turned out not to be a creepy stalker type. Hooray! On the way home, in my flashy gold station wagon, affectionately dubbed ‘Baby Poo,’ he asked me if I wanted to go out again. I think I replied with something incredibly dumb, along the lines of ‘Uh, I dunno. Do you?’ What was I thinking? Well, anyway, we decided to start seeing each other and the rest is history. Here we are, 2000 miles away and two kids later. Who woulda’ thought?

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