Monday, October 22, 2007

Those aren't blueberries!!

A two year old plus some yummy looking berries equals trouble. That’s what I found out this morning. We were out in the garden picking the last peppers of the season. James was piddling around, chucking green tomatoes in the air and bonking himself on the head. In a split second, I turned around and he had bright pinkish purple juice all over his chin and hands. Although he could only have eaten a few, I wasn’t sure what in the world they were. Thanks to the power of Google, I quickly typed in a few words and found out that James had eaten Pokeweed berries. People grow these things as ornamental plants, apparently. You can even buy them online. Cool. My son ate an ornamental plant. But wait. I kept reading. The berries, as well as the roots, can cause:

“retching or vomiting after two hours or more. These signs may be followed by dyspnea, perspiration, spasms, severe purging, prostration, tremors, watery diarrhea (often bloody) and, sometimes, convulsions. If a fatal quantity is eaten, perhaps including roots, the above signs are followed by paralysis of the respiratory organs and other narcotic effects, culminating in the death of the poisoned person.” (

Of course, I was now concerned. Although I figured that he couldn’t have eaten very many, I didn’t want to find out by waiting. I called poison control and they said that he probably didn’t get enough to cause any harm. The worst thing that could happen is that he might get a stomach ache and diarrhea (like you wanted to know). But the good news is, 24 hours have passed and he’s still kickin’. He may have shaved a year off my life, but he’s fine.


mcwiggins said...

OMG I can't believe that. So are you going to get out the Round-up for that bush? Man that would freak me out. We were worried enough about the dog eating peach pits!

Jeff & Meg said...

Yeah...the bush has got to go. And you better believe I will be very vigilant about them growing in our yard from now on. They come out of nowhere and get huge fast!