Thursday, October 25, 2007

Twisted Marketing 101

Thank goodness for advertisers! Without them, we would never realize we have a need for a new diaper disposal system or a pickle-grabber or a Wrongful Something-or-other Lawyer. We would just go about blissfully unaware of our own needs. Yesterday, I discovered a few ads that made me scratch my head. Apparently, I am spending too much time disposing of diapers and not enough time with my babies. That’s why I need a fancy new diaper trashcan. The ad says that I can spend less time disposing of diapers and more time with my kids. I didn’t know that I was neglecting my kids due to the laborious task of diaper disposal. Now, if they came up with something that changed diapers for you, that would be worth the money and would actually save time! Another ad I saw implied that a dirty diaper can interrupt the connection between your and your baby. If only you use their diapers, you can be closer to the baby you love! And all this time I was wondering what I was missing! Ha! I was just using the wrong diapers. The last ad I saw, and my personal favorite, was ‘Student Special.’ Bring in your high school ID and you can receive a month of tanning for only $25! Now that’s just fantastic! Let’s give kids a discount so they can get a head start on skin cancer! Genius! Now pardon me, while I run out and buy my new diaper disposal system.

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