Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feeling Grateful

Katie has been home with us for four weeks now. Each day, I keep thinking 'James would have been home for a week by now', or 'James was still on his monitor at four weeks.' What a difference it is to have a healthy baby. We've actually been able to experience all the little newborn things, without the health worries and the monitor. We can hold our baby whenever we want. We don't have to go through miles of hospital hallways and scrub up to see her. We don't have to stick little wires to her, or awaken to the shrill alarm of the monitor. I can dress her in anything, without thinking about where the wires will come out. Each night, sometimes several times a night, I look over into her crib and watch and listen to the sound of her breathing. I hold the monitor up to my ear and strain to hear the sound of James sleeping. I even listen to Jeff's breathing. I don't think I will ever forget what it was like to watch my sweet James struggling for each breath. Now the sound of breathing is such a comforting sound. When I can hear at least a peep out of everyone in the family, then all is well and I can go back to sleep. I am so grateful to have both my babies home with me, healthy.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever."

1 Chronicles 16:34

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Jules said...

I couldn't agree more! God is awesome. I'm so happy for you that Katie is so healthy and that James is now healthy and a "perfect" little boy. When Jacob had bronchitis in August I hardly slept. I needed to hear each and every breath to know that he was ok. That sound can be so soothing.