Friday, February 24, 2012

What A Morning (Complete With Random Pictures)

Katie recently asked if I had any cowboy boots that would fit her. Is the pope Catholic, as we say in our family?! Why, yes! Of course I have boots. James kindly offered up his spurs, which incidentally don't feel good when stepped on in the dark.

This is how I felt this morning, but a little less festive. Details following.

Handsome Cowboy riding his bucking tire bronco 

We went on an impromptu pretzel picnic at the greenbelt yesterday. Pretzels are a culinary delicacy in PA, especially with mustard. Tyler and I shared the Jalapeno mustard. That's my boy!

This morning when I went to do my farm chores (ha, ha! and by that I mean let out the chickens) I noticed that the pipe in the back yard (which ties in to the sewer) had signs of overflowing. That can't be good. I kept an eye on it and when my washer went to drain, water was pouring out of the pipe into my yard. That pretty much confirmed what I already knew: Houston! We have a problem! Jeff said to call the water people first (who, incidentally are Jeff's favorite people in the whole wide world...not!). I called them, and before I could tell her anything, she cut me off and took my address. She told me someone would come out and hung up. Um, hello? Are they coming out today, tomorrow, next Christmas? But all I heard was dial tone. I hoped for the best. Ten minutes later, no joke, I saw the water peeps cruisin' through the hood. That was fast. They checked whatever they check and the guy comes to my  door to inform me that it is not their system. I wanted to cry a little. I told him what was happening and he said 'oh, let me see if I can fix that for you. I have a tool in my truck for that.' Then I wanted to hug him. He went out to his truck, got the tool and went back and plunged the pipe. Voila! It was fixed. I think he should be cannonized or something...sainthood, here we come! He said something was dropped down the pipe to clog it up. Yesterday we had a whole passel of kids playing in the backyard and it seems that one of them must have taken the lid off and dropped something down the pipe. I am so glad it wasn't any worse, and now am going to post a guard of ninjas around the pipe so nothing else gets dropped in. :) I told Jeff that God works in ways we don't understand because he used the water people to save our bacon! (Jeff has a rocky relationship with the water people because they raise their prices and we are always over the quota, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

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