Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy Dreams

This week hasn't been a stellar one in the sleep category for Jeff and I. On Tuesday I couldn't sleep for the longest time, then kept waking up. I dreamed that we were all at some old mining camp with the extended family and an odd assortment of friends from long ago. There was snow on the ground, and all the sudden our green pet duck came flying down the hill on a log and I went running after it. The duck sailed into the swamp below and I went after it. I got caught in some trees and was stuck. No one was in any hurry to rescue me. Jeff even looked at me and went back to socializing. Eventually they said that help was on the way, but it never came. In the meantime I looked down to see armadillos swimming underneath me and I was convinced they were as vicious as crocodiles. Finally I jumped to safety and that was all I remember. Its pretty crazy what the mind comes up with. Last night I had a dream that Jeff's dad showed up and wanted to be a part of his life again. That one woke me up right away. I'm hoping for a dream-free night tonight.


Shay said...

oh my!

Terry and Linda said...

That is one dream you will probaly never have to live.