Monday, February 06, 2012

My Artsy Side

So I think you might know that I like to make stuff. Long ago, in a land far away, I went to school for Art. I spend glorious hours drawing and painting and developing photos in a dark room. (Very therapeutic by the way!) I even threw a few pots, although I never managed to turn out anything spectacular in that class. I went to school for art. And then I had kids. There is something about kids (maybe the noise? the constant needs?) that makes it difficult to get inspired and focus on a project. Sewing is one thing, because you can just sit down and sew a few seams here and there. Anyway, this part of me has been sad and neglected. Then I volunteered to do the Women's Retreat decorations. If you know me, you can laugh now. (Candi! ;) I HATE women's functions. Like, I reaaaaally hate them. They are not my thang, for numerous reasons. Anyhow, I must say that the women's functions at our new church have been quite enjoyable. They also have an 'in-house' retreat, which is the only reason I would go. Oh, that and I have to do the decorations. So, to get to the point (yes, I think I have one...) I am getting to bust out a wee bit of my artsy side and do some drawing! Nothing fancy, but it has been so much fun. Jeff thinks I am spending an inordinate amount of time when, and I quote, 'the computer could do the same thing.' Oh, sweet Jeffrey. He doesn't realize that a) I am having a blast, and b) this is where my OCD comes alive. I will always think there is a 'better' idea. Whatever I draw I will always look back on and say 'Oh, I should have done this,' or 'I don't like that.' Part of my issues. Nevertheless, it is fun, and I hope to find more excuses to use this side of me. 


Terry and Linda said...

I'm not surprised at your talents. You are extremely talented!


Trish D said...

Very cool - glad you've found a way to use the artistic talent that God provided. We all have our own little things that bring us joy and may not be "productive" but I like to think back to Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created..." Oh yes He did! And there's no reason it had to be as pretty as it is with the riot of colors to be found in a single flower, or all the textures of leaves, but He chose to express Himself that way and hey, we are made in His image, right?!

And the text is probably a better choice than a celebration of the female form. Just sayin'