Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is wrong with me!?

OK, you don't actually have to answer that. I mean, there is only so much room in the comments. And alternative and catchy title for this post could be: Fermentation, I Just Can't Quit You. I am currently caring for a bowl of bubbling whole wheat levain that is supposed to turn into a lovely sourdough starter.  I do believe that sourdough might violate the pact I made with my friend Erin to STEP AWAY FROM THE FERMENTATION! A while back I tried to make sauerkraut. I ended up with sauerkraut hooch. A few months later, Erin tried fermented pickles and also ended up with something strange and 'off'. We decided that as intriguing as the whole idea was, we should stay away from it and keep each other from going back to the dark side. Now here I am trying to carefully follow the instructions to feed this growing thing on my counter, with the intention of eating it once it gets 'ripe' enough. Incidentally, Tyler got into the bubbling brew this morning and took a big spoonful thinking I had something special going in there. I don't think it was what he expected!

On a side note, this morning we had preschool here and ended up ditching the activities and herding the kids out into the sunshine. It was quite lovely! It is amazing how relatively low maintenance kids are when they have a friends to play with and a yard to play in.


Phillip and Rachel said...

I like that you made a "Brokeback Mountain" reference in regard to fermentation...nice word play :)

Jeff and Meg said...

Um, should I be afraid? I can't claim that one, nor can I figure out what I movie line repertoire is lacking.

Ms. Mc said...

Bahahah Rachel, I noticed that too! BTW, I claim no responsibility if this fermentation nightmare goes awry. You have been warned!