Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Off

James has the day off and we have basically been piddling around doing random stuff. We assembled this tractor kit James got Tyler. It is broken already. We should have bonded it together with titanium or something so it would have held up to the rigors of the mini-beast. We played outside for quite a while. I built a cold frame. It almost works. I have to make a quick modification once the drill battery charges up, and I will be putting that baby in the garden! I think I am going to plant lettuce first and see how it goes. So far this morning, the kids have had breakfast, second breakfast, snack, and first lunch. Yesterday I made bread and that means that James asks for a sandwich every 4 minutes. That kid is a bread-aholic. Or maybe a jam-aholic. Or both. This afternoon I am hoping to paint the trim around my kitchen window. Jeff has still not warmed up to the color, but I love it! And since this post is going nowhere fast, I will sign off and go attempt to accomplish something. :)

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