Friday, February 03, 2012

Was That A Compliment Or....??

Today I did my shopping-trip-on-steroids. You see, I try to do all my shopping once a month (except for milk and fruit). I make up a menu and a list, and go nuts. My saintly mother (que the angels singing) is kind enough to watch the midgets so I can get it done in less time with more sanity left at the end. So today, I hit Walmart, BJ's, the Amish Market, Redners and the thrift store....all in 3 hours. Wooo! I came home laden with various groceries, household supplies, and a set of plates I paid 8 cents each for at the thrift store. Seriously, I think paper plates are more than that. It seems that my dishes have taken a beating mostly due to the wild card we call Tyler. He is hard on everything, plates being no exception. Someday I will have a nice set of matching plates for people to eat off of, but for now, not so much. I picked the kids up from Mom's and headed home. My initial plan was to put all three of them down for quiet times/nap times, then unload. James offered to help, so I modified the plan. As it turns out, all the kids wanted to help. I decided that while it might be easier to do it myself, it was a good exercise in responsibility for them. They all tried to carry the heaviest things: a ten pound bag of onions, a case of baby wipes, etc. Then, Tyler took it upon himself to crawl in the back of the truck and help out. Next thing you know he flung a whole case of tomato sauce out the back. The box busted open and twelve cans of tomato sauce were rolling willy-nilly down the driveway. I was dodging around, trying to catch them all before they went in the road. I put them back in the box as Tyler flung a few other odds and ends out the back. I got him out, shut the truck, and I head a voice say "Its better than watching TV!" I turn to see my neighbor standing there, chuckling. He had been watching the whole time and said we were very entertaining. I'm going to assume that was a compliment.

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Shay said...

Compliment or not, it would have been nice if he had come & helped!
I always say I'm going to go less often and have a thorough list, etc. The problem is that the store is in my neighborhood and I go there twice a week at least. Having it so close makes me lazy, apparently. :P