Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Craziness With A Side Of Rant

In a moment of insanity, I decided I needed to paint my kitchen and living room. The ceiling had never been painted and Jeff hung crown molding a while ago and that, too, needed to be painted. Also, if you haven't heard, kids are kinda hard on stuff. The paint we put up 4 years ago is starting to look a little dismal. I decided that if I was going to go to the effort of doing the ceiling and crown molding and the chair rail, I should paint the rest while I was at it. Crazy, I know, but it would have had to be done soon anyway. I only took this on with the help of the Blessed Mother, the BM for short...ha, ha!!! aka my mom, who has entertained my children while I painted myself into a fume and fatigue induced stupor. Yesterday I got most of the kitchen knocked out. I chose this robin's egg blue meets aqua for the bottom, light blue/aqua for the top. Now Jeff has a thing about me painting. Mainly, he wants me to paint every surface in the house white. And I want to paint every surface in the house not-white. He has tolerated my adding color to the house, with varied approval ratings. This time, I was sure he would declare it 'alright,' which by Jeff standards is about as good as you can get. Instead, what did I get? Oh, yes, I got the 'Are you kidding me?! It looks like a kid's bedroom!' I hope it grows on him. I like it. It makes me want to lay down on my floor and take a nap. Or maybe that's the fumes and fatigue talking...

The kitchen so far
On a side rant note, Valentine's Day.....oh, my goodness! So, I decided to do some very cute non-candy Valentine's Day cards for James. I figured with 22 kids in his class, he would be coming home with too much candy as it is. Let me tell you, I was shocked when he came home with his bag o' loot! I would say probably a half to two thirds of the kids gave out goody bags full of candy and cheap toys. He got three big boxes of conversation hearts and a couple of those big candy sticks with the gumdrop candies attached. Only one other parent went the non-candy route, taping cool pencils to the cards. Seriously people, its basic math. If each kid gives out a card with only 1, ONE!, piece of candy on it, your kid will still come home with 22 pieces of candy!!! If each kid gives out 5 pieces, that's over a hundred pieces of candy! That's a little crazy if you ask me. 


Trish D said...

I like the aqua... when Jeff comes home tonight, tell him that you're thinking about painting the lower part of the wall black, and hopefully at that point he'll say he likes the current color ;)

Love your light, too!

Phillip and Rachel said...

It looks so beautful...I absolutely love the colors and how it matches the Amy B fabric on your chairs!