Saturday, February 18, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

There are times that it kind of freaks me out how much Katie is like me. Yesterday, we saw a dead rabbit on the road. She was determined that everyone get to see it. On the way back, she told me that we needed to let James see it again. The kids saw vultures circling in the air, and Katie told me to 'hu-wee up!' She said she hoped that the vultures didn't get it before we got to see it again. Later, she told me 'Mom, I forgot to tell Grammy about the rabbit!' I'm sure she's heartbroken about that. But you see, she comes by it naturally. I am also morbidly interested in the inner workings of things. For the most part, guts don't freak me out. A little known fact is that while I was always the last one picked in gym class, I was a hot commodity in my anatomy class. I found the dissecting  part to be fascinating business and didn't mind doing it. The other students wanted me to be on their team so they didn't have to do the dirty work. There was this kid named Dennis who was the class clown. He was never particularly friendly with me, until we had to dissect sheep's eyeballs. He was so repulsed that he buddied up with me so I would do it. I decided to play a practical joke on him. Did you know that the lens (is that spelled right?) of an eye is remarkably hard and slippery? Well, I found that I could shoot it like a missile out of my rubber gloved hand. I shot the lens at Dennis and he FREAKED OUT!!! He's probably still in therapy today.


Shay said...

you're fun :)

Jeff and Meg said...

I'm glad I haven't scared you off yet Shay! :)

Terry and Linda said...

Linkin is just like your daughter...if there is a dead anything all of us have to look at it from any and every angle and then do it once more. I think she is a scientist at heart.