Friday, February 17, 2012

It's a Conspiracy!

When the kids are napping and I am caught up need a break from housework, I come upstairs to sew. I have been listening to Pandora, which I think is mostly awesome. You can tell it what type of songs or artists you like, and it will choose songs based on your input. It is nice, because I can listen to a random mix of people like Johnny Cash and Bob Marley and 80's dance music. There is only one problem, and that is that despite my having NOTHING related to hip-hop or whatever she is, they keep playing Rhianna every 4th or 5th song. I'm about ready to go postal! Its gotten so bad that when Jeff is home and it comes on, he cracks up because it happens so often. She can be pretty raunchy and I wish they would get the point and stop playing on my stations. I mean, after about 50 thumbs down, you'd think it would be obvious. It must be a conspiracy to get me to like her, but that ain't gonna happen!

On a side note, yesterday we got a check from H&R Block for a grand total of $2999.00. We figured out that the pesky little decimal point had been moved and instead of our $29.99 refund check, we hit the jackpot! Not really, as we were poised to call them to straighten it out when the UPS man showed up this morning. He had an URGENT MESSAGE sent overnight from our math-challenged peeps at H&R, stating that a mistake had been made and apparently multiple checks had been sent out in that amount. Oops! Who needs math anyway?


Shay said...

Glad you got the taxes straightened out! We use a tax guy, I have great distrust for all the chain tax people. :P

Jeff and Meg said...

Oddly enough, it was for a refund because Jeff hated their tax software and they have a satisfaction guarantee so he returned it.