Thursday, February 16, 2012


  • James went to Sparks (AWANA) last night. He loved it! He didn't start at the beginning of the year because he was adjusting to Kindergarten and all. It is a late night, but he seemed to be fine this morning and he's currently taking a nap! Katie goes to Cubbies and she loves it! She is super excited that the 'Cubbie Carnibal' is coming up.
  • Jeff only has 2 weeks or so until his midterm. That was fast! He is slowly chipping away at his homework each night, and he 'officially' turned in his graduation request forms. I can't wait for the final approval.
  • I have been drawing some more. Katie said to me this morning, 'Mom, you bring that thing everywhere now.' (my sketchbook) I have been bringing it along in case I have the opportunity to draw. I have done a few things for the retreat, and last night I drew a picture of James while I was waiting for the kids at AWANA. I was in a zone I think, and trying to ignore the stampede of Stockade boys at church, when I look up to see them all standing around me staring at my drawing. Eek!
  • I'm happy to say that the chickens have been drama free for weeks now. The injured chicken now has a big scar on her back and the feathers never did grow back in, but they are all getting along swimmingly with no pecking. I think putting the bully chicken in lock-down for a week really did the trick! Its about time to order chicks again and I can't wait! 


Phillip and Rachel said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for Jeff! When do we get to throw him a huge party?

Shay said...

Glad the kids are enjoying Awana. TC is nearing the end of Cubbies, which I'm in denial about, along with many other things this year.... :P