Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Tour of James' Farm (And Crazy Hair Night Pictures)

Welcome to James' Farm!! (Located in our backyard)

The bamboo and rope contraption hanging about the door is a yoke James made

Here is the field he has 'plowed.' He even put in irrigation pipe, but Tyler ripped it out.

Here is the pond. The other day he tried lining it with plastic grocery bags and filling it with water. It didn't last too long. And of course, every farmer needs a chair for porch sitting.

Thank you for touring James' Farm!

Last week, Con-Rachel helped me coif the kids' hair for Crazy Hair Night at Cubbies. James was originally refusing to go with crazy hair, because it's not 'farmer-ish.' Con-Rachel convinced him to let her spike his hair. Katie was easier to convince, but her hair wasn't. Its so fine and soft, and we didn't have anything strong enough to make it stand up. We did, however, coax it into 4 curled ponytails.

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