Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Just a Week!

A week from today, we pick up the chickies. I am very excited! So far, I would say 98% of people look at me like I have three heads when I mention the chickens. My neighbor asked me last weekend: WHY?????? Eggs, I said. (I also think they will be entertaining but I didn't mention that) He looked at me with a look that said 'You have lost your mind, lady! Did you know you can buy eggs at the store?' And of course, most people think you have to have a rooster to lay eggs. No rooster here. But I can see it now: neighbor kids will be daring each other to run up and peek over my fence to see the chickens. Then they will run off and make up stories about how we have a cow living inside, and twenty chickens outside, and a ghost who devours chickens and small children. Either that or we'll just be known as those weird people with the chickens. ;)


Linda Dashiell said...

Hootie Hoo for the chickens that are coming!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited for you!
There is nothing better then homegrown eggs, the flavor is out of this world!
Our next door neighbor got chickens a month or so ago 12 of them and they come over here and scratch in the leaves and dirt. She gives us some of the eggs once in a while, what a blessing!
Have fun when you get them!

Mr. and Mrs. Bearclaw said...

Danny's sister and his cousin (our neighbor)both have chickens. His sister loves the chickens and the many eggs they get. It's fun not to mention a good learnning experience for the kids. Danny's cousin started out with the rooster (you know about those stories), but now he has chickens also. The rooters aren't loud where they are now and we never would have known they had chickens until they told us. The kids love going and looking at them. Chickens are very common here in the boro, maybe you should live

DayPhoto said...

And your little children will delight in gathering eggs.