Monday, March 07, 2011

30, Its the New 90

Everyone says that when you turn 30, you start to notice that you're 'not so young anymore.' When I heard that before, I would think 'bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.' I mean really, its not that old. After this weekend, however, I think that 30 is the new 90. Saturday morning I woke up with such a back ache I started to think something freaky was wrong with me. I have never had such a painful back ache. After suffering all day I realized, duh!! The day before, I had taken a walk with the kids, pulling James and Katie in the wagon, with Tyler on my back. James is always asking to go in the wagon and I always tell him no. He's getting big after all. But, feeling optimistic, I decided to take them out for a mama-powered walk. Big mistake! I am still feeling it, three days later. What's next? A hip replacement! ;)

In other news, Tyler is STILL working on busting out a remaining teeth. This whole night time routine is becoming a drag. I would like to sleep all night, thank you very much. He does make up for it during the day with his lovely smiles and his new words every day. James informed Auntie Rachel this morning that he isn't just any old ordinary farmer, he is an explorer farmer, and that he is going to save up his money to buy a bucking bronco because he likes to ride around on Patty (his wild and woolly stick horse) when he's bored. And Katie, well, she was very upset that she couldn't have a bean burrito with avocado for breakfast. And honestly, I would have given her one had I any avocado left. But alas, we had to stick to yogurt parfaits.

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DayPhoto said...

Happy Birthday!....30 IS young!