Tuesday, March 01, 2011

For Real

I just ordered two of these:

And one of these:

And one of these:

(This one will lay blue/green eggs!)

They'll be here at the end of the month. I am pretty excited and also glad to have just ordered them already. I was afraid I would 'chicken' out, and I wouldn't be able to 'pullet' off. Oh, I crack myself up!! Oh, what?? You say my puns are bad? Don't egg me on!!!

PS. I am praying that the chicken 'sexer' (yes, for real) is good at his or her job, because I don't want end up with a rooster! Apparently they have a 90-95% success rate.


DayPhoto said...

Oh! JOY! I can hardly wait for yours to come so I can enjoy them with you!


Linda Dashiell said...

Hooray for the Chickens!!!
I know you will be a wonderful chicken farmer!

I keep thinking about you and fruit trees, have you ever considered dwarf trees? My friend who lives in Granite Bay, east of
Roseville, has them in her TINY backyard
She gets lots of fruit from them and are not large trees, if you are interested, they sell them at Home Depot, just a thought!