Wednesday, March 09, 2011

An Early Start and a Great Escape

I am happy to say that I begun gardening already. This year, I am trying out some early spring crops like spinach, kale, and peas. I have two huge trays of seedlings started in my closet already, with more to come soon. I think I might be a wee bit obsessed but it is so darn fun! I think because we had so much snow this winter, my kale and spinach survived. There are also a few cabbage plants that look like they might actually come through too. Yesterday, I transplanted some of the kale into neat little rows and it made me very happy. I know, I get excited about kale. I'm weird.

Meanwhile, while I was working around the yard, the kids were playing. Tyler was hanging out behind the shed, but I wasn't worried. There is really nothing he could get into back there. I heard the kids giggling, but thought nothing of it. James came up to me, giggling, like he was about to tell me some HILARIOUS (to a five year old) joke. Through his giggles, he told me that his baby brother was over the fence. I replied with a non-concerned 'yeah, right' and went about my business. He came back again, giggling and laughing really hard. He gave me the same speech, full of giggles, and of course, I didn't believe him. Then James told me that he didn't want to get his baby brother lost over the fence. Calling his bluff, knowing that there was no way that Tyler was over the fence, I told James 'then climb over and go get him.' James just ran back behind the shed. I decided to go check out what kind of shenanigans they were up to. And what do you know???? There was my baby, running around in the neighbor's yard with a big ol' grin on his face. He had squeezed through the space between the two fences, which I had thought was too narrow for him to pass through. I was laughing pretty hard, and at the same time trying to coax him back over to the fence. He was clear across the yard, with no intent of coming back. The look on his face said 'I'm free, and you can't get me!!' I begged him, coaxed him, and was about to climb the fence, when I decided to pull out the big guns. I called to him, 'Tyler, if you come here I'll give you a cookie!!' Did you know, that kid came running across the yard so fast, and squeezed right back through the fence. Methinks I'll be putting up some sort of mini-fence to keep that from happening again!

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Mr. and Mrs. Bearclaw said...

That is hiilarious! Tyler is too funny. How do these kids get thenselves in such crazy situations. This is why we haven't spent much time in our yard yet. It's a mess with way too much for Mando to get into. Good luck with the fence.