Friday, March 04, 2011

Its Real

My baby is going to Kindergarten this fall. I registered him this morning. It seems sort of surreal. As I filled out all the paperwork, I kept thinking of my own elementary school memories, and how James was going to be sitting at one of the very tables I was sitting at. My James, a Kindergartner?? How can it be? He was very nervous, both last night and this morning. He told me he had butterflies in his tummy. But he was excited too. He peeked into the classrooms and saw the library, the lunch room and one of the Kindergarten classrooms. While he spends the next 6 months anticipating Kindergarten, I will spend the time trying to come to grips with the fact that my BABY is going to KINDERGARTEN!!!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if he was going to go to school or if you would be homeschooling him. I remember those days! It will be different but fun and exciting. Our granddaughters are going to school in Colfax and LOVE the school, everything about it, it has been a very positive experience for them.

Trish D said...

Such a big milestone - I still shake my head at the fact that both our kiddos are in school now! I still have mixed emotions about it - one loves it, one hates it, and some days are really hard (when there are issues, I swear it's harder for Mama than the child!)

One thing I will add - when D started school, it was fun to get to know A without big brother around... I'm sure your 2 little ones will just adore the hours of having you all to themselves :)