Friday, March 11, 2011


  • Tomorrow is the much anticipated Cubbie's Carnival for the kids (for AWANAs). They are very excited.
  • I am working on a western shirt for James, complete with embroidery on the back part. Its going to be real purdy. I'll post pictures soon.
  • Katie has been carrying my heat pack around for the last week and a half, 'her chickies.' She cuddles it...I mean the chickies, keeps them warm, rocks them to sleep. When we get the real thing, she might turn them into the most well-cared for chicks around.
  • Only 2 weeks til the chicks arrive. Yikes!!
  • James drew an awesome picture of David and Goliath yesterday. He gave it to me. He even drew little motion lines around the stone rocketing through the air. Its pretty impressive.
  • My parents are going to Israel tomorrow. I am trying not to worry that something crazy will happen. I am sure they will have fun. James is very concerned about their proposed swim in the Sea of Galilee. He says it is dangerous, and they should wear baby floaties. I'd like to see pictures of that!
  • Enjoy the weekend!

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DayPhoto said...

Oh, my! My Mother always wanted to walk where Jesus walked, good luck and I hope they have FUN!