Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Chicks Are Still Alive!!

Note the top middle picture: Big Martha fell asleep with her head in the feeder. Never too far away from the food, that Big Martha!

The white one is Pippy, PipSqueak, or Pippy Woodstockings, depending on who you ask! :)

Katie thinking 'Did she really just poop on the floor!?!?'

The chicks are still alive and appear to my untrained eye to be healthy! They eat, sleep and poop really well, not unlike babies of the human variety. These little buggers eat a lot! I have to fill up their 1 quart feeder every day. The kids love them. I am afraid Tyler might love one a little too much and it might not reciprocate. Ever again. So, we try to limit the time he spends with the chickies. He did hold one quite nicely today, but then he grabbed its foot and wouldn't let go. Poor chick. Katie is like a little mother to them, and she would hold them all day long. James will pet, but not hold them. Their feet freak him out. Today we had art lessons and of course, the kids wanted to hold the chicks. Noah loved them, Amanda freaked out, and Emma, after begging for the first half hour she was here to hold them...held one chick, looked disinterested, and ran off to play dress up. That girl is a crack up!

And here is the latest addition to James' farm room, totally unrelated to what I just wrote:


Iluvyardsale said...

After you convinced me to get them I convinced Claudia. I got 5 for just that reason. I want the kids and there friends to enjoy them without worrying that one my not survive the loving. They are growing fast and I hope to have something built outside soon. Hope all is well. Jess

Linda Dashiell said...

I LOVE your window, very creative, no, let me rephrase that, I REALLY LOVE your window idea! The pictures of James' farm is cute too and I love the stories about the chicks especially Katie looking at the poop on the floor, that is just too precious!

DayPhoto said...

I had not thought about the feet feeling strange, but they do!