Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week Four

This marks week four of Jeff's adventures in the fabulously interesting land of O-hi-o. (ha, ha!) The weather is finally cooling off and the kids seem to be settling in to whatever this new routine is for us. They still tell me every day that they don't want Daddy going to Ohio ever again! Overall, though, they are doing better. And while Jeff is working (and thinking) himself into the ground, he is making some positive progress out there. Hopefully soon he will find a way to schedule some sleep in there, as he has been getting very little. He is also in school, so that is adding a whole new dimension to his already too-busy schedule. Craziness, I tell you! I look forward to the end of this project.


DayPhoto said...

I hope it doesn't last much longer for you....having Daddy home is much better. But work is necessary at so many levels.


Phillip and Rachel said...

Has it seriously been four weeks already? Yikes...that's scary.

Trish D said...

Hey there - I know I haven't popped in to say much lately, but have reading and praying for you. I understand all too well the difficulty of long-distance hubbies (although 1 less kid is involved). Hang in there! (And no more tornadoes would be fine, too ;)