Friday, September 17, 2010

Update/Today's Festivities

Tornado Update: Jeff was able to stay at his hotel. There was a lot of wind damage in the area. Jeff said that it flattened a greenhouse and a residence in the area, along with a lot of power outages. It seems that the actual tornado has not been confirmed, although there were many sightings. Jeff saw the funnel cloud, which he said must have been 3 or 4 miles wide. I am not sure if it was touching down when he saw it or not. He forgot to take a picture of it. Think maybe he was a bit distracted? Yes...take a picture or head for shelter. I am glad he headed for shelter. Hopefully there will be no more excitement like that anytime soon.

And here are a few pictures from this morning. We went to Peddler's Village to check out the scarecrows (which, in my opinion, were sort of lame) but we had a lot of fun. The kids thought they were neat and that's why I took them there in the first place.

The kids with Cupcake Scarecrow; The kids in front of the PA Department of Fish and Game 'scarecrow' (their qualifications for scarecrows are apparently a little vague); Tyler enjoying the view

Trying to get a picture of all three kids: Mission Impossible!

A nice lady offered to take our picture together at the gazebo

And Dad, this one's for you. Its the Snooky-Crow. Ha, ha! :)

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mcwigginseses said...

The Snooky crow is the scariest scarecrow of all time.