Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm Still Alive

Long time no bloggy. I've been busy is all I can say. Here are a few of the happenings, in no particular order:

James takes his farmer thing very seriously. He still does his farm chores, morning and night. He picks grass out of the yard for his horses. He gives them water. He goes hunting for our dinner. This was his latest creation: a wagon to take his sister for a ride in. (Note the clean, shiny, lustrous stayed that way for approximately 37 minutes, before the kids woke up from their naps ;)

A over-tired (but still cute) Tyler crying with blackberry juice all over him

This is what I found in my garden yesterday: a whopping 12+ pounds of veggies, and two birds taking a dust bath. I got crazy and ripped out all my squash vines, in part because they needed to be ripped out, but also because I want to cry whenever I see another squash in the garden. I was trying to get the new spot ready for beets, but the kids had other plans. At least they did the tilling for me!

In case you plan on traveling any time soon, bring your own snack. If you are 'lucky' enough to receive a snack in-flight, it will consist of approximately enough peanuts to feed a small mouse. They weren't kidding when they proudly emblazoned 'A Site To See' on the package! That's right, folks, don't blink or you'll miss 'em.

James has been drawing lots of recognizable pictures lately, which is so much fun. This one he drew a few months ago. It is me, with a purse. I traced it onto fabric and embroidered it so we could hang it up. (Don't ask me why I didn't frame the actual drawing...that would have been a lot simpler, wouldn't it?! :)

And last but not least, check out this bad boy! This one was over a pound and the biggest tomato I have ever grown. I think it was two tomatoes grown together. Guess what it tastes like? That's right! A tomato!! Bonus points if you answered correctly.

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