Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Jeff is currently managing a shop in Ohio that has a quite a few Amish working there. They cannot make enough farming and have therefore entered the mainstream workforce. He says its really weird to walk out on the shop floor and see Amish women in their dresses and bonnets operating drills and power tools. He found out that there was one Amish woman who, after working there for five months, had yet to cash a single paycheck. When human resources spoke to her, she said that she felt that she hadn't worked hard enough to earn it. They reassured her that she had, and implored her to cash her checks. A few months later, they realized that she still had not yet cashed a single check. When they spoke with her, she said that she had worked even harder but still did not feel she had earned it. They had to take her to the bank and pretty much make her cash the checks. Its pretty sad if you ask me. She must never feel that she can be good enough.

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