Monday, September 27, 2010


Saturday Mom and I dragged the kids to my favorite yard sale of the year. Its this really old little town (like 1682 old) on the creek, and the whole town rolls out their stuff to sell. Of course, James found something to buy right away and then proceeded to ask when we were going home for the duration of the outing. He also threw in the 'I'm so tired!' line about a dozen times. (Mind you, this was as I was pulling he and Katie in the wagon) While we always find a few fun things there, this year I hit the jackpot. My best deal was getting 3 pairs of like-new shoes (including a pair of Crocs sandals), 6 pairs of really nice, adjustable waist jeans for James (including a pair of Carharts just like Jeff's), a cordouroy jacket, a pair of snowpants for James, and 9 shirts, all for...........$4.25!!! That pretty much made my day. After buying at least five pairs of shoes for the kids since July, that was a nice reprieve. Speaking of shoes, Tyler already outgrew the shoes we got him for his birthday, after only a month. Katie grew out of all her shoes, so we got her a new church pair and some tennis shoes. James grew out of his too, and he pretty much skipped up two sizes. I had a rude awakening when I found that my baby boy must now shop in the BOY section for shoes (as opposed to the toddler section). These kids are growing like weeds. They are going to be taller than me in a matter of a few years I think.


Phillip and Rachel said...

Nice score! Wish I could've been there...P.S. tell the kiddos to stop growing. It's getting crazy!

Trish D said...

That's an AWESOME haul - oddly enough, yard sales aren't nearly as popular down here (stuff is much junkier and much more expensive). I always try to stock up at the Payless BOGO sales (and by shopping the "ending" season I can usually score 2 pairs for less than $10 total)

Furthermore, I must add that I find it hysterical that my word verification for this comment is "shewsgue"