Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We haven't had much rain all summer. In fact, I am hard pressed to remember the last time we had an actual 'rainy' day. So when we went to the farm yesterday, I knew that the puddles would be calling my kids. Thankfully, I brought rubber boots, towels and extra clothes. Tyler even got in on the fun, although I forgot to take a picture of him. James broke in his new(ish) Carhart pants by coating them with a very thick layer of mud. (Note the original color of the pants at the waist) Katie mostly got her backside covered, and Tyler added a splattering of mud to his face, as well as the obligatory 'what does this sloppy brown stuff taste like' beard. You'd think after 87.5 mouthfuls of dirt over the summer he would learn not to eat it. Oh, well. Builds character, right?

In other news, to quote James, he is 'obsessed with' Little House on the Prairie, farming, and Lincoln Logs. Here is a picture of one of his villages.

And here is a lovely shot of my two exceedingly handsome boys, just for fun!

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DayPhoto said...

What a cool village! I'm like him...I love Little House and would have liked to have lived then.