Sunday, September 05, 2010

Do They Sell Repellent For That??

Something is a muck in the neighborhood. Something in the air. First it was the groundhogs shacking up under our shed. After dealing with so many of them, I determined that there must be something highly attractive under our shed and dubbed it 'the Groundhog Love Shack.' Yet after observing recent (unfortunate) events, I believe it goes beyond the shed. Apparently there is something emanating from our house that attracts amorous behavior. For the last month or two, the neighbor kid's girlfriend has been parking in front of our house. We have been subjected to a few of their extended good bye kisses, if you get my drift. Then, yesterday, I about lost my lunch. I looked out the back window to see the neighbor girl and her shaggy-haired boyfriend enthusiastically locking lips. This went on and off for no fewer than TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! They conveniently placed themselves behind the shed so they couldn't bee seen from the parents. Who cares if the rest of the world can see you?! At least your parents can't! I actually had to keep James inside til it was over and told the kids not to look out the window. Seriously! Ick. Is there some sort of Teenage Make-Out Repellant we can spray around our yard? I don't want to live with my curtains closed. Jeff's suggestion? To yell 'Woooooooo!!!!!' out the window to cheer them on. He guarantees it will never happen after that.


Schwartz's said...

For once, I agree with Jeff.

DayPhoto said...

I agree with Jeff! But knowing me I would go outside and stare at them and ask them to leave.

Now other people would just call the parents.

Jeff's is probably the better approach.