Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Katie!

A day late...what a slacker I am. But happy birthday, Katie! Here is a list of some things I love about you:

  • Your sense of humor, which is so like mine its scary!
  • The way you run like you don't have a care in the world (including watching where you are going!)
  • The way you say 'Nev-air!' and 'Tig-air' and 'Lobstair' and 'Tyweer'
  • How you tell me 'I am really mad right now!' (so articulate)
  • Your blond pigtails swaying in the breeze
  • How you like to have your fingernails painted
  • Watching you ride your bike as the snails leave you in a trail of dust
  • How you stop to examine every twig and rock and leave when we walk (OK, I like this most of the time...:)
  • Your nurturing spirit, even if sometimes you are a bit overzealous! :)
  • How you say 'You wanna piece of me? I don't fink so!!'
  • You are like a little piece of sunshine in our lives, full of personality and spunk and sass and all that!
Happy Birthday, Katie!

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Happy Birthday, Katie!