Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Randomness

(I saw this sign on the way home from the store today. Seriously.)
  • Spring is in the air! Free water ice on Friday! Things are showing signs of life.
  • My truck went down in a blaze of steam and anti-freeze today.
  • Fortunately, it happened in my parents' driveway, and Jeff was released early from his second day at jury duty, so guess who's spending a sunny afternoon fixing the truck?!
  • Rachel, where did we find our husbands? And is that a diaper on Phil's head?
  • The kids have been like two peas in a pod lately. They follow each other around and are playing together and giving each other hugs and 'tisses'
  • Cheepa is taking up more and more space. Only 15 to 17 (ish) weeks to go!
  • I actually won something! And its something I've really drooled over for a while: a beautiful girls' jacket pattern from a very talented lady who designs all sorts of fun clothes for her little girl. You can see the pattern here. I can't wait. I already have some fabric in mind...
  • According to James, birdies are his friends, and the squirrels are Katie's friends. And he has no qualms yelling out the window at the squirrels, giving them orders such as 'Stwirrel, climb that tree!' or 'Stwirrel, you're supposed to look before you cross the road!'
  • And Katie fits into the dress I made her for Christmas. I love it!

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