Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Howz About You Put That Cigarette Out

This weekend was another busy one. Saturday we showed the 'pit of despair' to a few people. Although we'd rather not show it, most people have to give notice and need to be able to make a decision ASAP. So, I met them over there to show them around. The first appointment went well; they seemed intelligent, and interested, but we'll see what happens. You never know. As I was standing out front talking to them, a car looking very similar to this drifted up the street:

Out of the car climbed a woman with teeth similar to these:

Sorry to gross you out. Technically, they were a little bit more disgusting, but I can only wade through so many pages of Google images of 'nasty teeth' before gagging. She climbed out of her tuna boat, lit up a cigarette and asked to see the house. Trying to keep my distance from the smoke, I asked her if she was aware that there was no smoking in the house. She said something along the lines of 'well, that's alright, I'm trying to get everyone to quit smoking in the house anyway, since we're going to have a baby in the house soon.' And everyone knows, second hand smoke is A-OK as long as the baby is still in the hopper. As soon as it comes out, then smoke is bad. Yeah. Anyone heard of second hand smoke? Anyway, we walked toward the house and I felt compelled to make sure she was no longer smoking before taking her in. I know the house is a wreck, but at least they've done their smoking outside. I don't need any more smells to add to the mess. She realized I was making sure she had extinguished her smoke, and she told me she had. I guess she only needed a few quick puffs. I showed her the house, as quickly as I could. Reason A: the house stinks, and its filthy. Reason B: I didn't feel like wasting my time. When we got out, she told me she was definitely interested. Here's the scoop she gave me. (This is why I like to talk to people in person. They divulge way more than they should, which is good for me.)

  • The household would include herself, her fiance, her two adults sons, and her son's pregnant girlfriend (and of course, soon to be baby)
  • The sons, in her words, are not 'really financially stable, especially in this economy'
  • She doesn't know what her credit is like; it was 'really bad,' but she has been 'trying to pay her bills' and do better
  • She always pays on time...
  • Except that her pesky landlord only gives a three-day grace period, and sometimes you don't get paid till the 5th day, so that's when he gets his check, but he always gets it
Way to instill confidence. Tell me that you always pay on time, except that you don't, but its your landlord's fault for only giving you a three day grace period. Mean ol' landlords. I informed her that we have only a three day grace period, and a $50 late fee for payments made after 3 days late. So far, I haven't heard back from her. Hmmm...

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