Saturday, March 07, 2009

About the Slideshow

I may have conquered the slideshow, but darn if I can't figure out how to add text to it. It was a lovely 68 degrees or so today. Remember, on Monday it was 20 degrees, snowing and windy. We decided to make the most of it and packed the kids up, and took a family bike ride. No matter that only Jeff and James have bikes. Someday we'll wrangle up bikes for all of us. We found a nice new park and went out and enjoyed ourselves. Jeff and I even got into an ornery game of pelt-each-other-with-pokey-seed-balls, which I don't recommend. If, however, you do find yourself in such a situation, please note that long curly hair acts as velcro and is effective in catching the seed balls both to avoid injury and to stockpile ammunition. Jeff had no such advantage, but alas, he still won. Our kids must think we are nuts.

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