Monday, February 02, 2009

Coming Soon

Unfortunately our renters will be moving at the end of the lease. You know what that means, folks?! More crazy potential tenant stories to tell!!! I sound excited, but really I'm not. Its a lot of work, drama, etc. Remember this time last year? Crack-heads, dead-beats, weirdos and the like all flooded through our house. We had several people who told us they needed to find a place because they were getting their house foreclosed. Now lets do the math, folks. If you can't pay your $1200 a month mortgage, what makes you think you can afford a couple hundred more than that for rent? Anyway, so far this time around, a whopping week into it, we have had only what appear to be relatively 'normal' people show interest. Now, I haven't met anyone face to face yet, so we'll see. Betcha can't wait, eh? Oh, the stories I'm sure we'll have to tell. Until then, here is a little James ditty for y'all. Surprisingly, as I discovered this morning, there is a time when mispronunciations are not cute. James came to me and said 'Hey, Mommy, I'm a titty. I'm sweeping like a titty.' He meant kitty, and I am pretty sure anyone would be able to figure that out, but still. That's one word I hope he learns to pronounce soon!


Phillip and Rachel said...

Nothing beats his sentence involving a "goose" and a "shed"!

Schwartz's said... - gotta love it