Friday, February 27, 2009

James and the Stwirrels: BFF's

James loves the 'stwirrels' in our neighborhood. He will sit and watch them, narrating for Katie and I every move they make. What I find exceptionally funny is that he will start yelling at the squirrels, getting louder and louder as they don't respond to him. He will shout 'Hey, stwirrel! How's it going? What are you doing? Where are you going? Hey, stwirrel! Come back here!!!!' Its very entertaining to watch. He has also determined that the electrical wires running from pole to pole are actually 'squirrel roads.' He told Mom yesterday that the tree trimmers came to trim the branches so they weren't in the way of the squirrels' roads. I love the way he thinks.

And in other is the day! Stay tuned to find out the gender of Numero Tres. (as long as the baby cooperates!)

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