Thursday, February 26, 2009


James is getting more and more interested in the idea of Cheepa. He talks to my belly and waves. He and Katie take turns blowing raspberries on my growing baby bump and giggling like maniacs. James tells Cheepa stories. Actually, he tells him/her the only story in his repertoire: Once 'pon, there was a tractor and it said to the other tractor 'no, you tan't drive!' He sings to Cheepa. Yesterday, he did the funniest thing. We were at the Grammy and Chappy's, and James was sniffing scented markers. Pretty soon, he was holding them up to Katie's nose, then Grammy's, then mine, and then...he would hold the marker close to my belly and say 'you smell dat, Cheepa?' James also has a variety of activities he imagines Cheepa doing. Sometimes, 'she' (James thinks Cheepa is a sister) is taking a nap, or swishing around, or getting a snack out of the fridge in my tummy, or watching TV, or swimming, taking a bath, or dancing in green boots. He also says that Cheepa says 'hi' to him. The cuteness is just too much. And speaking of cuteness, yesterday when we got back from the 'rents, Katie was taking her jolly toddler time walking to the door. (I dare not carry her these days; she can do it herself, thank you very much!) It was cold, and I was trying to coax her to get moving. James walked over and ever so gently took her hand, and slowly walked her to the door. He didn't walk too fast for her, or push her over, just held her hand and helped her along the sidewalk. It was just too precious. And speaking of precious, or not, the M@tag man is supposed to come fix my dishwasher today. I just want them to fix the thing without any hassle. It is under warranty so hopefully everything will be covered. How do people live without dishwashers? Rather, how does one suceed in having a life that consists of anything other than doing dishes without a dishwasher?!

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