Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Pictures I Liberated From My Camera

Here are the latest happenings around here:

The kids love when Jeff comes home...they like to climb up into his lap and do whatever he is doing. The other night, they played dominoes. Almost every night, one of the kids will bring Jeff a book and they both climb up for a story!

Today I made Cranberry Jelly! It was so fun to can, especially since it was snowing outside. I had a big bag of cranberries I bought a while ago and I put them to use making jelly. And, I used my awesome food strainer. I just had to include glamour shots of it, since I love it so much. Grandma...thanks again!!

And one of my latest crafty projects. I joined a swap on Cr@ftster for embroidered Valentine's tea towel. They partner you up and you get to make a towel for each other, plus an 'extra' item (something small). This is the towel I made for my partner. I really had fun with it, but I am sad to have sent the towel off today! I should make one for myself.

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