Monday, February 09, 2009

Fast Food What?/Market Research

This morning, at the last minute, a friend and I decided to meet at the mall play-place so our kids could play. I decided that there was no better time to use my free Chick-f1l-@ breakfast coupon than now, so we stopped on the way. I should say, I haven't eaten there since I was pregnant with Katie and had a free breakfast coupon. I got sick and swore never to go again. Well, I guess I was tempting fate. We pulled up in the drive thru, and of course, a voice comes out from the sign asking for your order. I gave her my order, and James, looking at me strangely from the backseat, says "Mommy, who are you talking to?" I started laughing, realizing I don't think he's ever been in a drive thru. I tried to explain the whole concept to him, but he didn't get it. When we were waiting at the window, he kept asking me 'what are we doing here?' Poor kid. He is deprived of the American kid's dream. He has no clue what fast food is, or Dor@ the Explorer, or chicken nuggets for that matter. I think, however, that he'll survive.

And on to the mall...where we went to play. Someone was trolling around looking for a mom with a child 12 months or younger. Now, normally, I have no interest in surveys, except that this one paid $40 in cash for answering a few questions. The lady ran up to me, thinking Katie was younger than she is. I told her she was just a bit older, and the lady said 'well, just say she is 12 months! We really need someone!' As tempting as it was to earn $40, I told her I wouldn't lie to get the money. She was practically begging me to do it. I told her that I just wouldn't lie and say she was only 12 months, and here is the kicker. The lady said 'Hey, that's what market research is all about.' Lying? And we wonder why a lot of statistics are skewed?!

PS. I have a headache now. Think its from the fast food or the market research?


scottnmerr said...

Good for you, Meg, for standing up for what is right. Amazing how dishonesty doesn't bother some people in the least. And we wonder what's wrong with kids these days... When they see adults (and the government?) lying, why shouldn't they? So sad...

DayPhoto said...

So now we know that no matter what we are told it is all a lie. Now we know whatever we know personnally is the truth!

Good for YOU!