Monday, January 05, 2009

My house is clean....

...really clean. And it won't stay that way for long. We were cleaning up for small group last night, and Jeff decided to rearrange the furniture. Give the man five minutes of sitting still and he goes nuts. Whilst totally restructuring the arrangement of our living room, he managed to break one of our lamps...the ones with the glass shades. He was moving it out of the living room when BANG! The shade fell off and shattered into a zillion pieces, all over the living room, hallway, and even under the baseboard and couches. So, out came all the furniture and everything got swept multiple times. Now that it looks so good, I have come up with a strategy to keep it clean. I am packing up the kids and taking them to my parents. We will stay there till bedtime, when we will come home and put them directly to bed. (Repeat process the next day) What do you think, Mom and Dad? :)

In other news, we've done spent some cash on two very exciting purchases. Those of you who know us well know that it is not very often, OK, maybe once every 6 years, that we get all crazy like this. For our anniversary, or maybe because he was tired of hearing me talk about wanting a food processor, Jeff bought me a Kitchen@id food processor!!!! I now feel equipped to conquer the world; with that and the food mill/strainer/all-purpose tool 'o handy-ness I got for Christmas, I will be canning everything in sight come this spring. At least until I get so large and cumbersome that I can't reach the stove to stir. And our other purchase....a bike fit for the Jolly Green Giant himself. Jeff has been threatening for some time to get a bike. I always tease him because I do not believe he will actually ride a bike consistently. Well, now that he has plunked down some cold, hard cash via Christmas money and other, I think he will ride it often. The guy at the store practically begged Jeff to buy the bike. Being an extra large frame, he had had it there for over two years. He ended up selling it to Jeff for less than half the price. The pictures do not do the bike justice. The handlebars come nearly up to my armpits. The thing is huge! I'll have to get a picture with me or the kids in front of it so you'll get the idea. I didn't know that made bikes that big. So if you see what appears to be a bike on steroids cruising around your neighborhood with a tall guy in a beanie, it just might be Jeff.

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DayPhoto said...

Gone are the days of canning 365 quarts of everything, but now that the economy is bad, I think I will go back to at least some canning.

You GO, Girl!