Thursday, January 22, 2009

Words You Never Want to Hear

This morning I was so happy to be able to take 1) Take a shower 2) By myself. Katie was taking a much needed nap and James told me he wanted to paint at the table. Right now I have him hoodwinked into being content painting with water on construction paper. Much less messy! I explained to him that he was not to climb up to the sink. He said 'Oh-tay, Mommy.' I hoped, unrealistically, that he'd keep himself entertained while I took a quick shower. Huh? I came out of the shower and heard a little voice saying 'I'm mopping, Mommy.' Huh!?!? I quickly headed for the kitchen to find that the little bugger had indeed crawled up on the counter, procured himself some mop water and had retrieved the mop from the garage. He had poured the water onto the floor and was pushing it around with the mop. Fortunately, I got it up before it had a chance to reach the edges of the floor. (We have laminate flooring and it can warp if water gets underneath it.) One of these days, soon, we had better get a warm-ish day or a snowstorm so he can go outside and run all his energy off!

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