Monday, January 26, 2009

DIY Weekend

This weekend Jeff decided to build an new antenna for our TV. We have an 'old school' TV and just got a digital converter box. He read that these antennas significantly increased the number of channels received versus the standard bunny ears. And who wouldn't think of building their own TV antenna? Apparently a lot of people do, since there are actual videos on the internet for these things. After digging through the masses of odds and ends he keeps in the garage, and getting a few parts from Dad, James and Jeff were ready to begin Operation Get More Channels 2009. Those of you who know how much TV we watch will see a bit of irony in this. We hardly ever watch TV. What do we need more channels for?! Because its possible, that's why. Anyway, the boys had a fun morning building their strange and dare I say, unattractive, contraption. When it was finally completed, they put it to the test. The verdict? It works exactly like the bunny ears, except it did pick up one more channel. So, the strange contraption will be relegated back to the garage, because seriously? Who knows when it might come in handy someday.

Saturday night we headed over to the 'rents to see everyone for the first time since before Christmas. I didn't bring my camera, but Rachel took some hilarious pictures you can see here. Sunday I decided to make Zweiback, which are German buns...loosely translated means piggy-back buns, or so I've heard. My grandma made them when my mom was a kid. My mom made them when I was a kid, and now...

Both kids crawled up to the table when I was making them, and so I gave them each a piece of dough to make their own. They had a blast! And, they turned out great. I only had to fish one suspicious piece of ??? out of the dough.

And here is an extra shot Jeff took on Saturday. I try to take a shower and this is what I get...little hands reaching under the door trying to get my attention! 'Hey, Mom!!! I know you're in there! Don't try to ignore me! You left me out here with the guys and what am I supposed to do?!?'

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