Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Do I win the prize for most imaginative post title on January 1st?! Its hard to believe how much stuff we packed into 2008. House hunting, droves of creepy potential tenants swarming our house, finding a house, waiting till the eleventh hour to find a tenant, settling on our new house and getting the old one ready for renting, Jeff being in school with two of the hardest classes he's ever had, vacation to Colorado, finding out Katie has hip dysplasia, the SPICA cast, brace, etc., and the list goes on. I am soooo glad its over. Here's to an uneventful new year! I want a healthy baby, and no drama, thank you very much. I would also like to see Katie walk....I am getting a bit antsy. But! Little turkey...she took her first steps today while I was grocery shopping, so Jeff got to see them and I didn't!!! What gives? At least Katie smiled at me first. :) Hopefully full-on walking is not far behind. And here is what happens when you leave Daddy home with the kids: lots of funny pictures, and a costume made out of a cereal box!

These are just a few from this week. James has decided he despises the camera and runs away from it most times, thus the dearth in James photos.

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

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