Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Weather, weather....

Yesterday it was a balmy 48. Nice enough to go for a walk, which was glorious. We even headed down to the green belt to search for walnuts, per James' request. As I expected, they were all gone, stashed away by the squirrels. Instead, we saw a bike in the creek along with other assorted flotsam and jetsam. It always gets on my nerves how much junk people dispose of in the creeks around here. Seriously, there is very little green space around here. Why is it OK to dump your trash there?! Anyway, its one of my PA pet peeves. But I digress. It really was nice to be outside and collect sticks and pine cones and such. Today, however, we are due for ice and freezing rain. Some weather forecasts say up to an inch accumulation today, and another inch over night. I don't mind winter, although I am itching for spring gardening. However, give us some snow already!

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DayPhoto said...

We see trash around here also. Mainly tires! I wish I could load up all the stuff and plop it back into that person's yard.

Be kind to Mother Earth so she can be kind to you.

One day everyone will regret being so trashy until that time, people will continue not caring.