Monday, January 19, 2009

A Wild and Crazy Weekend

Oi. This weekend was nuts. Saturday was a long day involving getting lost in Wilmington, Delaware with one of Jeff's coworkers and his wife, getting caught up in all the security around Wilmington due to Ob@ma being directly across the street giving a speech, going to an actual Mexican restaurant, then getting home later than expected to pick up the kiddlets and go home and sleep. Yesterday, we had church and small group. Today, I am tired. Hmmm, I wonder why.

Katie has been taking more and more steps, which is so fun to watch! She is also trying to say a lot. She says 'moo' now when she sees any animal even remotely resembling a cow. And....drumroll please....she almost has enough hair to put in a wee little pony tail. I realize all this is random, but there are relatives who care about this stuff. And I care about the pony tail! She is almost a year and a half old for cryin' out loud!!!

James is back in the 'towboy' phase. He has been carrying around his 'yasso' and wearing his boots and hat, even with his footie pajamas. He also wants to 'dit a farm,' which I would be all over...but Jeff? We'll have to work on him. Seriously, working full time, going to school and running a farm wouldn't be too much, now would it? :) This morning, he reminded Jeff yet again, not to get into any trouble at work. I seriously don't know where he gets this stuff. He tells me all the time that I am 'hi-yaaaaarious.' If only he knew how funny he is.

That's about all the random drivel for today. See you!

PS. Uncle Phil....James needs a Phil-fix. And this morning, he was pointing out squirrels in the yard and said 'That one is Jumpy, and that one is Un-tul Phil's stwirrel, Tweatis!'

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Cristi said...

Hey Meg - I just wanted to let you know that no matter how little sleep or food I have had on any given day, your blog entries always make me smile. Thanks! xoxo :)