Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yeahh!!! I love CHOP nurses!

Katie had her CT scan today, with NO SEDATION!! By the time she got taken back for the scan she was crying. She was tired and hungry. She was not allowed any solids after 7 am and no nursing/drinking anything after 10 am, and her test was not till 2 pm. The nurses all wanted to see her get the scan without sedation, and waited for me to nurse Katie. The sedation nurse explained that if she didn't fall asleep, we would have to wait for three more hours before they could sedate her. But, even he wanted to avoid it. They all voted for nursing and it worked! She fell asleep and they got the scan, drug free!!! Can you tell I am excited? The sedation nurse told me after it was all done that he was done for the day. He told me that they had eight kids lined up to sedate today and didn't have to sedate a single one! He told me that's what you call patience. I'll say! I really appreciated that they were so patient, especially since he offered to wait for another three hours to sedate her if need be. He has three little ones at home, one Katie's age, and I am sure he wanted to get home too. I am just so relieved that this scan is over and it went smoothly. When she gets her cast off, she will not have to have sedation or anesthesia, and although I think that the saw will scare her, I am glad that she won't have to be drugged up!

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Phillip and Rachel said...

I am happy to hear that Meg :) I can't wait to see ya'll next week.