Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Franch Fashion

Hello, trusty blog readers. The following Franch tale will make you snicker and laugh and guffaw at us. (Rachel!) I would like to remind you that at that time and place, it was considered 'in.' Even if it currently appears that we were two ridiculous yokels let loose from the funny Franch.


...On to Franch Fashion. Although the styles have changed considerably, and cowboy pants have even become perhaps a tad looser, maybe, I am going to be reviewing Franch style circa 1999. The following are trends that Jeff and I fell victim to during that era:

1) Wrangler Jeans: Not the kind you buy at Wally's World, but the kind you buy at the feed supply store. Nothing like picking up a tub of Udder Butter and a pair of jeans. I do have to say that these jeans are impossible to destroy, comfy (if they are not too tight), and the best feature of all: they come in Jeff's size. Back in the day, Jeff used to be a bean pole. He wore jeans in size 30x40. Wrangler was the only brand that carried his size.

2) For the lady of the Franch, there were Rockies Jeans. Yikes. To think I used to wear them. And to think I paid $50 a pair for them. Back to the fit thing, they were and are the only jeans ever to fit me in the waist. So maybe they make your rear look like a horse's rear, but they fit me in the waist. I can't believe I am admitting this, but I owned a pair of striped ones and a pair with rivets all the way up the legs. I actually still have those for posterity. Strangley, they still fit, although I will not be resurecting them any time soon. Incidentally, you can buy these at the feed store as well.

3) The belt buckle. Actually, Jeff never had a fancy belt buckle. We always thought it was stupid to see all these vaqueros walking around with a belt buckle the size of a hub cap, or goat-ropers who bought some rodeo cowboy's buckle from a pawn shop. It just so happened that at the time I worked for a place called the Cowboy and the Lady. We sold Native American and Western jewelry. After cleaning 5, 286 fingerprints off the glass of the Mont@na Silver case, I decided that I really liked this belt buckle. The only problem was, I was a poor college student. Apparently I had spent all my money on jeans. Long story short, my boss gave it to me. I never really wore it too much, but I still think its pretty.

4) Boots! Boots are very important if you are doing any sort of work, and I wore something very similiar to the picture below to the farm all the time. Mine have taken quite a beating and to this day are in nice shape. They always protected my feet and were comfy to boot. Ha! Get it? Anyway, I saved up my money to get a nice pair of boots. Strangly, Jeff still has his farm work boots too, and they are still holding on. He also has a pair of these but they look like clown feet on him, so he never wears them. I just wish that back in the day when I had nothing more to spend my money on then 39 cent bean burritos and $50 jeans, that I would have bought myself a nice pair of cowboy boots that would go with anything. But I wasn't thinking about that. Had to go and get myself something practical.

I hope you have enjoyed this little retrospective. Go ahead and laugh all you want. Someday your kids will look back at you and laugh at what you used to wear. Or else they will wish you saved your clothes for them. Why is it that the 80's just won't die? I saw a girl today at the mall with high heeled saddle shoes and black leggings. Why, I ask you? Pardon the rabbit trail, and go out and git yourself some boots!


Ochechies said...

I can show you plenty of wranglers, boots, and belt buckles.....just come to TX! We miss you!
The Ochechies

Trish D said...

Oh, the loveliness of Montana Silversmiths (I have a ring, but my brother has *2* big, obnoxious buckles). Shall I admit that I had a dark green pair of rockies and burgundy ropers? Nope, don't think I will.

the grown survivors said...

Okay, the worst were the really tight, pleated Rockies. I never really understood why some women wanted to squeeze their butts into those. It makes your hips look huge! And your butt ends up looking like a big-ass heart.

Remember the weird, puffy shirts with the flaps? In strange, turquoise and orange and black colors. Ugh.