Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Other Baby

Day Two of the Great Birthday Fest

Today is Katie's first birthday! This time I can't really say she's not one yet, because she made her way into this world at 6:30 in the morning. Katie didn't waste much time when she decided to come. She woke me up at a little after 4:15, and in just over two hours she was here! I will never forget when I held each of my babies for the first time. When I held Katie one of the first things I did was pull her hat off to see what her hair looked like. It was wavy and nearly white! It has actually gotten darker since then. I remember hearing the neonatologist announced that her lungs were alright. Such sweet relief. I can't believe its been a year since then. So much has happened and she has grown so much! I can't wait till Katie is able to run after James and keep up with him.

Happy Birthday, Katie! We love you!

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